Just Ask Me!!

I love doing things for others, always have.  But I would like to be asked!!

I have raised 4 boys(Andrew 28, Daniel 25, Stephen 20, Joseph 18), and they are all turning into tremendous men (in my opinion).  I have spent a ton of time making sure they know what to do to become Great Sons, Great Husbands, Great Fathers, and Great Men.

My sons can do just about anything.

They know how to clean a house toilets included.  They know how to cook and to cook on a budget…everything from scratch in my house.  I taught them how to shop, how to save money and to shop wisely.  Taught them how to sew and repair their own clothes, and how to iron so they look great when they go out. They can set a table, decorate a house, and they know how to pick out appropriate clothing( okay #2 son is color blind, so he has a bland wardrobe)!!

They can all take care of the lawn, weed whacking  mowing, and gardening.  They can even can, dry and freeze the produce that they grow!! They know how to take care of their cars (not really the oldest, he just hires someone to do it)and the tools they use.

They know how to care for animals and how to show kindness and mercy to them.  They learned their work ethic from their father, and there is not a better teacher in the world. They know how to act in public and how to treat their elders.  They know how to help a neighbor and how to offer strength to strangers. They treat their Grandparents with reverence, and their love for each other is unconditional and everlasting….

but they never ask, they just tell me.

Hey Mom, I need some clean jeans, Mom I’m hungry what are you cooking, Mom we’re having a party Saturday night, Hey Mom some   friends and I are coming over Saturday, can I have some money….and on and on the list goes…

How can 4 young men be so wonderful but always forget to “Just Ask Me”…..I always say yes!!


About Black Raven Creations

I love to create things and am one of those people who has to keep my hands busy. I have always been this way. If I am not "creating" in some form I tend to get depressed and blue. I spent many hours at my Grandmother's knees learning how to china paint, knit, and crochet. My home is now filled with items I have created thanks to my Grandmother!! She was a great and loving teacher and I was an eager learner. I have not only filled my house with my creations, but I have filled other family members homes as well. My oldest son told me recently "no more", he will not accept another painting, quilt, or wall hanging of any sort...his walls are filled!! Since my friends and families homes are filled, I have acquired a large pile of finished products... I was encouraged for years to open an Etsy shop, So I finally did!! In my shop you will find my creations using a wide range of textiles all created and made by my hands lovingly taught by my Grandmothers hands. All items are 100% handmade!! There are paintings, hand-stitched items, knitted and crocheted items, sewn items and many more. I hope you enjoy investigating my shop and if you have any questions just ask me. I am looking foward to running my shop and getting to meet new and exciting people. I hope to be able to service this community for many years.
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