My New Spring/Summer Collection!!

I love to knit and crochet but Winter scarves, hats, and gloves are not very appealing to shop for in the Spring and Summer.  So I created a new line for my shop!!  Bright, cool, and made of cotton not yarn!! Here is a peek of my newest creations!!

100_2793Zippered pouches! These are great and the perfect size to hold just about anything!!

100_2889Tissue holders, these are just so much better than a wad of tissues in your purse!!

100_3086Eye Masks…great for trying to get some sleep and blocking out the light!!

il_570xN.550511664_gxk4Eye Pillows…great for relaxing and de-stressing after a hard day!!

100_3032Japanese Knot Purse…great little bag to carry this summer!!!


Cup Cozies…keep your hands cool and dry this summer!!

Hope you enjoy my creations and my new Spring/Summer collection…and have a GREAT Summer!!!


About Black Raven Creations

I love to create things and am one of those people who has to keep my hands busy. I have always been this way. If I am not "creating" in some form I tend to get depressed and blue. I spent many hours at my Grandmother's knees learning how to china paint, knit, and crochet. My home is now filled with items I have created thanks to my Grandmother!! She was a great and loving teacher and I was an eager learner. I have not only filled my house with my creations, but I have filled other family members homes as well. My oldest son told me recently "no more", he will not accept another painting, quilt, or wall hanging of any sort...his walls are filled!! Since my friends and families homes are filled, I have acquired a large pile of finished products... I was encouraged for years to open an Etsy shop, So I finally did!! In my shop you will find my creations using a wide range of textiles all created and made by my hands lovingly taught by my Grandmothers hands. All items are 100% handmade!! There are paintings, hand-stitched items, knitted and crocheted items, sewn items and many more. I hope you enjoy investigating my shop and if you have any questions just ask me. I am looking foward to running my shop and getting to meet new and exciting people. I hope to be able to service this community for many years.
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2 Responses to My New Spring/Summer Collection!!

  1. I love your zippered pouches! I’m hoping to learn how to sew zippers soon. Your work is lovely 🙂


  2. Black Raven Creations says:

    Thank you!!! There is a small learning curve to figure out zippers, but after that it’s easy!!!


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