D.I.Y: How to turn regular glass into sea glass!!

Do you have lots of glass jars, empty candle jars, old vases?? Here is an easy way to alter them and turn them into beautiful sea glass!!


You will need:

  1. Glass containers
  2. Elmer’s glue
  3. food coloring
  4. foam brush

First you must clean all your glass.  I had an old candle jar so I boiled it in water to remove all the old wax (I used an old pot). I had an old juice bottle and I removed the label.  Make sure they are completely cleaned.  Let dry.


Get a throw away plastic cup, and pour glue into it.  Add some water not too much and food coloring.  Mix well (I used an old pencil). Adding as many drops as you want to achieve the color you desire.


Now it is time to paint your glass.  Make sure you have something down on your work surface  to protect it. Using the foam brush paint the glass containers. If you do not have a foam brush you can use a regular paint brush but the effect is different. Using a foam brush you get a smooth surface.  When using a regular paint brush you will get streaks and drips. Which looks like there are imperfections in the sea glass.  Both brushes create a unique effect on the glass.


Let dry completely.  Then add a second coat of glue.  Let this dry completely (Over night). Then spray with a finish to protect your containers  I used  a Matte Finish from Krylon.


I am so pleased with the results.  I wanted to bring Spring into my home and this was a great way to do it.  I now have beautiful containers to force my Pussy Willow branches to bloom in!!



About Black Raven Creations

I love to create things and am one of those people who has to keep my hands busy. I have always been this way. If I am not "creating" in some form I tend to get depressed and blue. I spent many hours at my Grandmother's knees learning how to china paint, knit, and crochet. My home is now filled with items I have created thanks to my Grandmother!! She was a great and loving teacher and I was an eager learner. I have not only filled my house with my creations, but I have filled other family members homes as well. My oldest son told me recently "no more", he will not accept another painting, quilt, or wall hanging of any sort...his walls are filled!! Since my friends and families homes are filled, I have acquired a large pile of finished products... I was encouraged for years to open an Etsy shop, So I finally did!! In my shop you will find my creations using a wide range of textiles all created and made by my hands lovingly taught by my Grandmothers hands. All items are 100% handmade!! There are paintings, hand-stitched items, knitted and crocheted items, sewn items and many more. I hope you enjoy investigating my shop and if you have any questions just ask me. I am looking foward to running my shop and getting to meet new and exciting people. I hope to be able to service this community for many years.
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